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Geolocation of a Samsung phone


The Samsung group is a Korean multinational company working in many sectors such as nuclear, construction, education or electronics. It is the Samsung Electric group which produces electronic equipment such as televisions and mobile phones. Samsung currently has over four hundred thousand employees and a turnover of over three hundred thousand billion. The Samsung company, founded in 1938 by Kun-hee, has remained one of the world's leading suppliers of smartphones since the arrival of smartphones. Despite increasing competition, Samsung represents about 20% of the world's phone market, selling more than two hundred million phones a year and remaining the number one mobile vendor since 2012. The Korean firm is one of the most important stock market valuations of Tech companies and one of the most innovative. Despite working conditions deemed unacceptable and numerous stories of corruption, Samsung is committed to environmental protection projects and the development of education.

Samsung has always offered many phone models to meet all needs and therefore covers all budgets. Today Samsung's smartphone division is structured around four ranges of phones that are renewed approximately every year. We find the Galaxy J, A, S and Note. Each model contains a range of prices due to the characteristics that compose them.

Samsung phones run under the Android operating system which belongs to Google. For your information, this operating system currently represents about 86% of the world market share. It is therefore highly likely that you will have applications belonging to Google on your Samsung phone. It is therefore important to set up your Samsung smartphone under Android to keep control of your personal data and to be able to geolocate a phone.

How to locate a Samsung phone ?

To locate a Samsung smartphone, you have the solution to go through the google tools that explains through a detailed tutorial. Or, you can connect to your account to enjoy a 100% anonymous geolocation worldwide and on all networks. A question ? Contact us by mail or by phone, we will be happy to answer your questions about geolocation or your account.

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    The recipient receives a tracking link via SMS which makes it possible to precisely locate his location (requires the prior agreement of the recipient).

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    You receive the exact location of the desired phone displayed on a map, can track its movements and the history of your geolocation requests through the subscription.

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