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Can you locate a phone with Google maps?

What is Google maps?

Google Maps is a web platform owned by Google. It also exists as a mobile application and it is more or less an interactive map on which you can do many things like :

  • Get directions to get from one place to another. Google will show you the different means of transport available such as walking, cycling, taxi, bus or train.
  • Get important information (opening hours, exact address, user reviews, etc) about establishments such as restaurants, cafés, shops or even parks or villages.
  • Get a distant view of the land we live in as you can zoom in and out on the map.

Google Maps is a very useful tool and offers many other features that we will not mention here since that is not the point. Google Maps allows us to locate things, to have a landmark. If we want to locate a piano shop in the city of Lyon, we use Google Maps as a reflex. But then what about mobile phones? That's what we're going to see together.

The Maps mobile application to locate you

Using Google maps with an Android device

Almost all smartphones (Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on) come with the Android operating system and already contain the Maps application. You should know that this OS belongs to the giant Google. Therefore, the application can record all your movements and know your location using the GPS coordinates of your phone. You still need to have a Google account and authorise the application to geolocate you and record your movements.
If you wish to enable or disable these options, you will need to go to your google account settings.

Can I use Google maps with iPhones?

Yes, you can. Maps is not just a platform dedicated to androids. All you have to do is download the application to the device to be able to use it. You will also need to have a google account and log in once the application is open.

Know your location with Google Maps

Many people want to know their location on a map. To do this, make sure you have enabled GPS location on your phone and use Maps to find out where you are on the map. You can also change the type of map to recognise your location. There are 3 types of maps available :

  • Default: The map shows the roads and walls of all buildings.
  • Satellite: The map shows a top view of buildings photographed by satellites.
  • Relief: The map shows relief, roads and buildings.

Knowing the location of the phone with Google Maps

If you've come this far, it means your phone has been stolen or you've simply lost it and you're trying to locate your phone via Google Maps. To repeat what we were saying earlier, to locate a phone with an android, there's nothing simpler than using "find my device", a website that makes it easy to locate, ring or delete your device.
If you're on an Apple phone, you can try using your Google Maps account to find the location of your phone. If your phone has been stolen, the google service will not be very useful since experienced thieves turn off the phone once they have it, which makes the procedure much more complicated.
Google Maps is certainly not the best tool for locating a lost or stolen phone. However, it is still practical for locating yourself and finding your way around on a map.

How does it work ?

  1. . Send the location request:

    Fill in the phone number you want to locate and subscribe to the trial offer for 1 € for 48h, then 29.40 € per month.

  2. . Geolocation:

    The owner of the phone receives a tracking link via text message which makes it possible to precisely locate his location (requires the prior agreement of the owner).

  3. . Showing the location:

    You receive the exact location of the desired phone displayed on a map, can track its movements and the history of your geolocation requests through the subscription.

website interface geolocation

Thanks to the subscription service, you can get the accurate location of any type of phone quickly.

  • Get the exact coordinates of the phone you want to locate.
  • Track the travel history on a map.
  • Track any phone anywhere in the world.
  • 100% compliant and secure: none of your data will be shared.
  • Enjoy all the features for 48 hours at only 1 € renewed automatically in a subscription without commitment for 29.40 € per month, cancellable at any time without proof.

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